Saltwater Combo

Saltwater Combo
Using Saltwater(Salt+Water) And Listerine Combo On Snakebites & Septum?

I have been told using watered down Listerine is good for cleaning new piercings. So I started mixing salt water with some Listerine and swishing that aroundand using some swabs to rub around my septum ring holes and the outside of my snakebites. Is that ok? i’m thinking it would be, but other opinions are always good.

Nope. Salt is really harsh with all the chemicals and is harmful to your piercing. And if the listerine you’re using has alcohol in it, that is really harmful too.

You should be doing sea salt soaks twice a day on each piercing (1/4th of a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to 8oz of hot water) and for your snakebites you should be rinsing out with an alcohol-free mouthwash after meals.

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