Garcia Water

Garcia Water
Is this a good fresh water fishing reel and rod?

alright i have a abu garcia black max fishing reel and an abu garcia black max powered b4 im6 rod and i was wondering if they were good for fishing in fresh water? please answer and thank you to who ever does.
for those who have answered please dont answer with small responses it doesnt help me one bit all i have gotten is its ok can you maybe recommend something or say what the pros and cons are about it please and thank you

I’ve owned the Abu Garcia Black Max baitaster before as my first baitcaster and I thought it was great until I got my Shimano Curado. You can just feel the difference between the two. The Black Max is fine for starting out and for people who don’t go out fishing 4-5+ days a week. If I were you, I would just use the hell out of the rod n’ reel you have now until it finally breaks and then go out and buy yourself a high quality rod n’ reel such as a Shimano Curado and a St. Croix rod if you know that you have the “fishing bug”.

Sergio Garcia finds some water