Fishing Lure Gear Reel

Fishing Lure Gear Reel
what kind of gear ratio should i use for bass fishing?

i only have one reel with a ratio of 6:3:1 i believe. i used it for everything last year from topwater lures, crankbaits, and bottom fishing with plastics. im looking to get another reel, but i dont know what ratio to get. what gear ratios do you use for crankbaits, topwaters, and plastics.

any info on gear ratios is much appreciated
jeez..a gear ratio is how many times the spool turns for every time you turn your reel 360 degrees….its actually pretty common knowledge..i just dont know what ratios you use for certain types of fishing

Stick with what you have.

Some crankbaits or spinnerbaits may be good to use a 7:1, but I use a 6:3.1

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