Daiwa Saltwater

Daiwa Saltwater
Is this fishing rod for fresh water or saltwater?

It’s a Daiwa Graphite fishing rod A17993F Heavy action. 10-foot, Apollo Gold 1929H, 3.05m, recommended casting weight: 1-4oz. Recommended line: 12-30lb. I want to list it on eBay but don’t know which category to pick. I think it’s for saltwater, ocean fishing? THANKS.

Those Daiwa Graphite rods are very good. That one is designed as a pier and rock fishing rod and for large boats, eg on registered fishing trips. It’s too long for small boats.
It can be used for heavy freshwater fishing eg getting 40lb catfish out of Spanish rivers or 40lb carp from a lake which can be done on 30lb line without too much finesse but it doesn’t have much sensitivity or long casting ability for other than heavy end tackle so it shouldn’t be advertised specifically as a freshwater rod.
It’s a hook ’em and pull ’em in rod for robust sea fishing and for that it’s very good.

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