Casting Fishing Gear Reel

Casting Fishing Gear Reel
Where do I begin with fly fishing?

I really want to get into fly fishing. I have spin fished since I came out of the womb and never really gotten into casting flies. I have zero knowledge on it. I have zero gear and no idea where to start. I am going to attend a beginner’s class at my local Orvis outfitter’s store and I expect them to tell me a ton. I just can’t wait for the class in a week. Anyway, any and all info welcome! I need some lists of rods and reels, line, and any other gear I should know about! Thanks!

Hello fellow fisherman. I was in the same boat you are in. I met a guy on a creek that i fish reguarly and i wasn’t catching nothing on little rooster tails,and he walked by me with a stringer of brook trout. I asked him what he was using and he said a wet make a long story short we talked and he persuaded me to go get a fly rod. The gentleman at the fly store told me to buy a cheap combo deal, that way if i didnt like flyfishing i wouldn’t be out a lot of money. when i was leaving the store his last words were “have patience is the key”. I also bought books on how to cast and what flys to use. So the bottom line for you from me is cheap rod books on how to flyfish (very helpful
4.use floating line and dry flies
5.if you love flyfishing then go buy a decent rod and reel combo.(i have 3 scott rods and i love them, 2-4weights 1-3weight)
6. tie your own flies if you want. i tie my own flies and i love doing it.
7. have fun doing it thats the main thing

I hope i helped you, good luck and good fishing.

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