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Converting V brakes to Disc Brakes.?

Hi all,

I am changing my V brake to Disc brakes.
As I am on the budget side, i don’t have much money to spare.

So I am thinking of converting my stock wheelset :

Alloy double wall ATB with CNC brake surface

to a disc brake wheelset just by changing the hub to a Shimano XT M756 hubset which enables me to use a 6 bolt rotor.

Is this change possible and what problems will i face if any.

Thanks much for a advice.

You can do it for less that $200 if you shop smart. Rebuilding your wheels is time consuming and if you can’t do the work yourself then it’ll definitely be cheaper to just buy new wheels. Also, it’s possible that you may not be able to re-use your old spokes if they’re a different length than what is required with the new hub dimension. You’d definitely want to use new nipples, even if you re-use the spokes. A shop will charge you around $20-$50 in labor to do this, so when you add that to the cost of the hubs, most of the time you aren’t coming out ahead.

I’d recommend that you pick up a pair of Avid BB7 mechanical discs…about $49 each online right now. If you have many long downhills you may appreciate having a 185mm rotor in the front, but definitely use the normal 160mm in the rear. The ’09 models come with all the adapters you’ll need so you’re set. You can use your old v-brake levers, but you might want to pick up some new compressionless brake housing. These are the best mechanicals and they’re cheap….and they rival the performance of many hydraulic discs if you set them up properly and burn in the rotors.

Jenson has a couple wheelsets for less than $100 which would probably do fine. This one is a basic xc set with Deore hubs (honestly there really isn’t that much difference in the Deore, LX, and XT).

This one is heavier, but much more durable if you have a lot of rocks or do any jumping.

I assume that both your fork and frame have the disc caliper mounting tabs…..otherwise you’re screwed. :o)

Hope this helps some…enjoy the new brakes!

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