Shimano Salt Water

Shimano Salt Water
Which fishing line is best for me? :3?

Hi, I own a Shimano FX 4000 Reel that came with my fishing rod. lately I Have noticed that my lure is running out of fishing line. I was wondering If anyone could help me out. I want a strong clear and durable fishing line, I mostly fish in Salt water, But switch to Fresh water frequently. Would some one know of a really good fishing line I could use that would satisfy My needs, money isnt a problem. I Have been looking at lines at so maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Please and Thank you.
Gear ratio 4.2:1. Weight: 11.8oz. Line Capacity (lb/yds): 8/240 10/200 12/160
Also, I read about some lines that they curl up when you buy them and its a horrible time trying to make them work.

Let’s first start with your rig. Your reel states 8/240 to 12/160. This is the manufacturers recommendations for that reel. You shouldn’t go any stronger hen 12 lb test.
The second thing depends on the fish you are after. I am guessing you are not catching anything much heavier then a few pounds. If this is so then 8 lb. test is sufficient and actually overkill if you know how to use your drag system on your reel. If you are running out of line then I am guessing that you do not know what the drag system is for.
It is to limit the amount of stress the fish can put on your rod and reel. If you are using 4 lb test and you catch a 5 lb fish you can still reel it in and if the fish starts to fight too hard then the drag allows the reel to let out line. It wan’t stop the fish but it will help to tire the fish out.
You will not be able to lift the fish out of the water but you can get it to shore or up to the boat where you can net your fish.
I have caught 10 lb trout on 2 lb test I I have to tell you, it is a thrill!
You may loose some fish but it is the sport of getting that big fish in on smaller equpment that is so exciting.
Now, back to the original question, I would suggest Strean Original line. It has been tested over and over again to be the best monofiliment line made. It is strong and abrasive resistant, limp (line doesn’t hold a memory or twist as easy) and pretty clear when it hits the water.
Putting it on your reel is a whole different story, if you put it on wrong it will twist up on you. Try taking it directly off the spool, not from the side.
Have fun fishing. I think you still have a lot to learn so do not be afraid to ask, especially when you are fishing.

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