Shimano Drag Spinning

Shimano Drag Spinning
I just got the shimano curado baitcaster and was putting line on it when i realized that when you loosen?

the drag and try to reel the spool doent spin. I am new to baitcasters and was wondering if that is supposed to happen.

you’re right. when you back the drag off all the way, the spool won’t turn.
tighten it up some, not completely tight. you may flatten the drag washers, causing premature failure of your drag system.
anyway, once the reel is full of line, set the drag to about half of the breaking strain of the line.
unless you’re using braid. then no more than about 10lb drag pressure.
at the end of your fishing excursions, back the drag off of your reels again to keep it good and resilient.

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