Shimano Bait Casting Reel

Shimano Bait Casting Reel
Beginner Carp Fisherman. Help?

So i’ve been a pretty much, exclusive Largemouth Bass fisherman for a few years, but recently i’ve been interested in carp fishing. I have a shimano sienna reel with 200 yards of 10 lb test on a six and a half foot shimano rod. Is that going to be able to haul in a big carp? Also what kind of set up will i need? I haven’t fished with a bobber and sinker in years. Being a bass fisherman i pretty much only cast artificial baits. Do i use a bobber, sinker, and hook? I just need a fast 101 lesson on fishing for carp. I’m planning on using whole kernal sweet corn for bait. Thanks for any advice, in advance!

Carp are fun as hell to catch even though they’re tough to eat and pretty nasty. But here it is simply.

Big test line… At LEAST 20 lbs in a river, in a lake I wouldn’t go below 50 lbs. If youre in a shallow river you can see them easily. Cast out your line with whole kernel corn on the hook, THEN use creamy corn to throw out where your hook is as chum, this will attract them from a mile. When you feel tension jerk the pole up and prepare for a fun fight.

Try not to pull on their lips when you catch them, they’re so sensitive. When I caught my first carp at age 13 I held it up by the lips and the lips came right off, so my dad made me gut it so it wouldn’t suffer… felt bad

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