Penn Water Reel

Penn Water Reel
I’m thinking about getting back into fishing?

I haven’t fresh water fished in 30 years, I still have my old reels, the poles are history. I have 3 Abu reels, 3 Penn reels, and 3 Pflueger reels. Instead of reservicing these reels, I’ll probably just buy a couple new outfits. Are Abu, Penn and Pflueger still the same quality they were 30 years ago? I’m not fishing for anything bigger than say, 20 pounds, most likely it would be brim, trout, maybe catfish. Would you recommend a good reel, I’m not daddy warbucks here, but I can afford a decent reel or 2.
I haven’t fished for so long that I have no idea what’s good and what’s not, I still have a couple Zebco reels too, if I remember right they were the econoline of reels.
Great answers so far, but I feel I should add, I have no intention of selling my old reels, sentimental attachment more than anything.

It’s actually more important TODAY to research the reels and rods your going to purchase than 30 years ago.


Back 30 years ago, most tackle/reel company’s didn’t offer the variety of different reels & rods we have today!!

Plus, in many cases, your odds on getting a “lemon” rod or reel is GREATER today than 30 years back. (30 years ago a “lemon” was a reel that lasted only 1-2 seasons- TODAY’S lemons last 5-10 TRIPS! lol)

Ironically, your Penn & Abu reels might be worth MORE than you know! (Maybe do a search on EBay for your reels!)

In my opinion, the best company’s to purchase reels from are Shimano, Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Pflueger, and occasionally Penn. (Certain Penn reels still have a good reputation……..however, some don’t…)

Your best course of action when looking for reels and rods is to read reviews online!

Cabelas and Bass Pro both have a reliable review system written by THE CONSUMER. After getting an idea online about how much you want to spend (and which model you might want) go to your local Sporting Good store and make your choice.

Here are a few of my fav (reasonably priced) reels:

For Brim and Trout?

1. Pflueger, President- (200 people give this reel a 4.6 out of 5!)-

2. Shimano, Sedona-

3. Pflueger, Supreme- (I own 3 of these and they are fantastic reels! This is the cheapest magnesium-based reel you can purchase.)-

For big cats and other larger fish?

1. Abu Garcia C4- (I own 2 of these and 2 C3’s. The major difference between the C3 and the C4 is it’s faster gear ratio; making for better hooksets and speedier line retrieval.) –

2. Abu Garcia C3- (You can’t beat a classic!!!!)-

Hope this info helps ya? Thumbs up to Unmam.

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