Lures Gear Reel

Lures Gear Reel
I’m a beginner at fishing, what gear should I get?

I just bought a small pack rod(2-10 lb Trailmaster III), so I’m planning on fishing lakes when I go camping or backpacking. I have a reel too, but there’s so many kinds of tackle that I don’t know what to buy. I’m not going for any specific fish, just whatever bites at lakes. So what should I use for sinkers, lures, etc?

Here is a list of terminal tackle & lures that would be wise to have for lake/stream fishing:

1. a variety of different sized split-shot-

2. 3-4 different sized clip-on cork/floats/bobbers-

3. a variety of bait-holder hooks from size 6 to size 1/0-


4. some Flurocarbon leader material in size 8LB-10LB-

5. Beetle Spin jigs, (these will catch anything from Trout, Panfish or Bass) in a variety of sizes-

6. In-line Spinners, (another lure that catches a variety of fish)-

Add some bait, (Earthworms, Shiners), needle-nose pliers, a towel, some nail-clippers or scissors, laminated instructions/diagram on how to tie a “Palomar”, “Blood” & “Improved Clinch” Knot, and you’d be set to catch most “anything” in Freshwater.

Hope this helps ya? Good fishing.

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