Best Oil

Best Oil
What’s the best oil or cream to use when massaging a girl’s bum cheeks?

When I have a girl round my place, I love to massage her bum during foreplay as it turns me on greatly (the butt’s my favourite part of a woman) and the girl usually seems to like it too. However, so far I’ve just been using my bare hands to massage, rub and knead girls’ bums. What’s the best oil or cream I can buy that will provide lubrication and make the massage more sensual and enjoyable for both parties?

you can use Victoria’s secret Massage oil are really good smell
really nice makes the skin really smooth non greasy.

also Kamasutra oil are good are a bit expensive but are great smell
nice too.

if she doesn’t mind you can use Baby oil like johnson baby oil is good too
but cheap but works I hope I helped.

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