Shimano Stradic Fishing

Shimano Stradic Fishing
What line should I put on my Stradic Ci4?

I just got a Stradic Ci4 and wondered what line I should put on it? I have a bunch of 40lb test power pro but the reel is so light that I don’t want a heavy line – plus I want to finesse fish with this reel and my Shimano Crucial rod. I am thinking fluorocarbon would be a good compromise between finesse and strength/no-strectch and sensitivity – 10 lb test probably. Does anyone have this reel with good preforming flourocarbon? It seems like Seaguar Insivx gets good reviews. Any line suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,

Fluro as a mainline is utterly pointless in my opinion. It is great for a leader, but it is nowhere near as castable or sensitive as braid.

40lb is WAY WAY WAY too big for that real, even though it’s braid. Go with 10 or 15lb Power Pro or Sufix braid. Use fluorocarbon as a leader, not as a mainline.

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