Quantum Saltwater

Quantum Saltwater
new fishing reel, any line suggestions?

Hi fellow Fishermen/women,

i just bough a new Quantum Cabo CNW20LPTs Saltwater deep sea reel (http://www.quantumfishing.com/produc…/Cabo-PTs.aspx)

I’m kind of new to the deep water fishing, so I need some help. I’ve seen guys with Neon Green or Red lines, and am assuming they use it for trolling. I go for Rock fish, barracuda, bass, and many others, so I’m looking for a line that’s kind of Universal. Something I could use for tuna as well and troll for other fish mentioned above. So would the Neon green or red be good? 25-30lbs? and if I’m fishing in shallower water, ill use a clear leader so the fish don’t see the color? any suggestions would be very helpful, thanks.

For surface fishing (barracuda, bass, yellowtail, tuna) clear line is best. In addition, if you’re fishing at night, the clear picks up the boat’s lights better than tinted line (out of the water) which makes it easier to tie knots, undo tangles, etc. Using colored line and adding a clear leader of basically the same strength is adding one more knot into your system, which means one more weak spot.

Colored lines are colored to make it easier for the fisherman to see them. In the fishing you do, that kind of visibility isn’t necessary.

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