Casting Lures Reel Saltwater

Casting Lures Reel Saltwater
What is the basic setup for saltwater fly fishing?

I’ve have some experience fly casting in freshwater for trout but want to transition into shore line fly fishing for striped bass. I was wondering what number WT Rod I need & size reel. Also what kind of backing & wt line either sinking or floating. I’m looking for a basic setup since I’m on a budget. Any recommendation will do & also what kind of fly lure do people recommend. If possible let me know what your current setup so I can get a general idea what to shop for. Thanks

I would use my 10wt Sage RPLXi with an intermediate line (Cortland Little Tuny) and 200 yards of 25lb dacron backing. Another option is to use a shooting head with 30lb mono as running line. My rod was $780, reel $200, line $65, and backing $30 but if you dont want to drop a grand on your setup you could get an entry-level Sage rod on Sierra Trading Post for about 400 hundred bucks:,3105M_Sage-VT2-Fly-Fishing-Rod-Fighting-Butt-7-10wt-4-Piece-.html

Lefty’s Deceivers work well… Get some poppers too. Ck out these cheap streamers for stripers or bluefish:

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