20 Saltwater

20 Saltwater
how do i set up a 20 gallon saltwater tank fast and easy?

i do not know a lot about it so please don’t use big words that i would not understand

Setting up a saltwater tank may be easy. But maintaining a stable saltwater environment requires endless hours of researching, testing, and maintaining. I don’t really recommend a 20 gallon as a first time saltwater tank. It can definitely be done, as i have a 10 gallon nano, but should only be done by someone who knows alot about saltwater aquariums. If you really want to start one, you need to take thigs slow, plan it out, be patient, and do plenty of research. What kind of tank do you want? What kind of fish would you like to keep? Do you want to keep corals and invertebrates? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Types of fish determine types of substrate. Etc…
Get a book on marine aquariums and join a forum such as

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