Shimano Curado Casting

Shimano Curado Casting
I have a Skeet Reese crankbait rod with a Shimano Curado baitcaster… I can’t seem to cast my crankbait far?

at all… the crankbait that I am using are Bomber Square A lures and Strike King KVD Square Bill crankbaits… I have just started using baitcaster this year, so maybe i’m just not great at it yet… But my friend has a Curado also and i can cast lures with his rod and reel a mile long (not crankbaits), but with my rod and reel i cannot cast as far as his… he has a 5.1 and mine is 7.1… I know that 7.1 is for topwater but i bought it anyways because i’m gonna use that for topwater anyways, just have not had the chance to go by antoher one for crankbaits and other lures? so can ya help me to why i can’t throw lures as far… is it becuase mine is a 7.1 and/ or i just need a litlle more practice… THANKS…

i am impressed that you are considering more practice. i talk to lots of folks who say they have mastered the baitcaster in a year. then you pick up their reels and they are cinched down like a snare drum and they cast 18 feet with it. yet they have “mastered” it.
joshes method of loosening the knob until the lure falls slowly to the floor is a great baseline for any lure. i may fish the same lure all day and adjust the knob a dozen times in a day. if i am throwing with the wind, i loosen off the dial a little because th wind is helping the lure maintain speed. if i am throwing into the wind, i tighten it up a little.
get to know the adjustments on your reels and you will be much happier with its performance. it sounds like you have it tightened down until it doesnt backlash on you anymore. loosening off your knob and using your thumb as a more subtle control will increase your distance and accuracy.
when using your thumb to control line spin, remember that the lure slows down the most as soon as it leaves the rod. the tip of a fishing rod might be doing 120 mph. the lure catches wind resistance and slows down more in the first 1/3 of the cast than it does in the last 2/3 of the cast. a little bit of thumb pressure during the beginning of the lure flight will keep the spool from spinning faster while the lure is slowing down.

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