Saltwater Rod Lure

Saltwater Rod Lure
Trout fishing help?

I am going trout fishing for the first time this summer (I’m usually a saltwater guy) and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to offer (you know, type of lure, etc.). I am using an ultralight shakespeare agility spinning reel and rod, and will be fishing in the yosemite backcountry, mostly in lakes at some altitude.

Were backpacking, so i can’t have too much weight. We already have to lug stupid 2 lb bear canisters.
oh yeah, and no live bait.

when i go trout fishing i usually use orange dough bait it comes in small jars u can get @ any walmart or baitshop they also make a pre balled up orange dough bait [less messy] i sometimes use white rubber worms u have to use a treble hook if your not fly fishing a treble hook is small & gold w/ 3 points on it. Good luck hope i helped!!!

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