Saltwater Lure

Saltwater Lure
What lures work best for saltwater fishing at night for speckled trout?

Number 1 and probably THE best:

Any TOPWATER lure that can easily “walk the dog”. I like “Heddon’s, Saltwater Super Zara Spook Jr.” and “Rapala, X-Rap Walk 13 Topwater Lure”. Spec Trout LOVE topwaters. (Make sure to keep your topwater “walking” through-out your cast.)

#2.) If your fishing around dock lights a Saltwater “Rapala, Husky Jerk Minnow” is primo. Cast the lure into the shadows and stop it right in the middle of a light source. WHAM!

#3.) Saltwater Spinner-baits EXCELL at night. I like the “Booyah, Red Daddy Jig”. The vibration SB’s exude leaves a “sonic trail” for the fish to find. Add a “Berkley Gulp Saltwater Sandworm” OR “Berkley Saltwater Curly-tailed Powerbait Grub” as a trailer.

Make sure to use saltwater aerosol fish attractant on all lures.

Hope this helps? Good fishing!

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