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baitcasting reel that can cast really light lures?

i saw this guy with a low profile bait casting reel and he was only casting a 1/8 oz jig and he doesn’t even try to cast it and it goes about 20ft away. how does he do that because i have a bait casting reel (it was $30) and i can cast far but only with heavy lures. is there a bait casting reel that can cast lures like crappie jigs? if so please tell me (price doesn’t matter as long as its affordable) Thanks.

Lighter line. 10lb or lower line, or maybe even 20lb or 30lb braid, will cast farther with light lures than 14lb or 17lb line will.

Lighter rods. You won’t be casting any 1/8oz jigs with a Medium/Heavy rod. You’ll have to go down to a Light or Medium/Light rod, rated for 1/8oz jigs.

Better reels. More expensive reels (normally) have lighter spools and overall BETTER parts which help in casting light lures. The Pixy that “some other person” mentioned is THE best light lure baitcasting reel out yet, although there’s some other reels out there that do exceptional. Curado 100d, Daiwa SOL, Bass Pro Shops Extreme (05 size), just to name a few.

If you wanted a baitcaster for casting light lures, and didn’t want to spend much, look into Bass Pro Shops Extreme reels, they have one that holds 100-yards of 10lb line and would work great with 8 or 10lb line. After a while fishing the reel you may be able to cast extremely light lures like “this guy” was.

If you need anything else, just give me an e-mail.

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