Weight Reel

Weight Reel
When setting up your fishing rod/reel, does the weight go at the bottome, or the hook?

The rigging depends what you’re fishing for. When using a sinker, you can set up so the line “splits” (not the best word for it) – you use a knot or a 3-way swivel so you have two lines, with the sinker at the end of one line and the hook at the end of the other. Usually the leader to the hook is longer, but in some applications the sinker is on the longer end.

Or you can put the sinker on the line (generally a small sinker like a split shot) with the hook at the end.

Or you can use a sliding sinker — thread the line through the sinker and use a swivel to keep the sinker on the line, and add a leader to attach the hook a foot or two away. Or just slide the sinker on the line and tie the hook at the end, and let the sinker bump up against the hook.

Anyway, the one rigging you do not use is to tie the hook directly to the middle of the line and tie the sinker at the end. Not strong, and two lines coming from the hook will cut down on the bites you get.