Synthetic Reels

Synthetic Reels
Reel to Reel recording desires?

I’ve heard that reel to reel recording results in a more natural sound, which i would love as a musician, especially after hearing all of todays over produced synthetic sounding bullshit, can anybody tell me about a website, or store in the tristate area that deals reel to reel recording equipment, or old analog shit?

I disagree with you. I’ve used reel-to-reels before. They use tapes (of course) and over time the recording on the tape diminishes in quality, not to mention the ‘wow and flutter’ effects that occur. (For example, when one reel is full and the other reel is empty, the empty reel is slower to take the tape from the full reel. Towards the end of the playing, the receiving reel is nearly full, so it pulls the tape faster. Basically what I’m trying to say is that you might record some guitar music, say, but you won’t be able to play along with it again unless you retune virtually all the time – the ‘take-up’ speed is always changing little by little).

Digital recording devices don’t have that problem. You’ll always be in tune and be able to play along with your recording. The digital recording doesn’t deteriorate over time. It’s easy to make or burn backup copies of digital recordings. Your comment about ‘all of todays over produced synthetic sounding bullshit’ isn’t really relevant to the method of recording – that’s just what those so-called ‘musicians’ want it to sound like.
I guess that I will say that, at least in the past, I kind of agreed with your point. Digital sounded ‘cold’ somehow, and analog sounded more realistic. But that was 30 years ago. (I actually wrote a college paper on that topic). But really, the difference is extremely minor. The durability and ease of digital recording is much better than the analog stuff we used to use (in my opinion).

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