Shimano Reel Calcutta

Shimano Reel Calcutta
What is the difference between a Shimano Calcutta 400 and a 400B?

I’m looking at buying one of these reels for my boyfriend for Christmas, and all he has mentioned is a Calcutta 400; i don’t want to get a 400B and it be the wrong thing!!!
and do either come in left-hand retrieve?

They’re the same reel. It’s easier to say “I have a Calcutta 400!” instead of having to say “I have a Calcutta 400B.”

No, they are not available in left-hand-retrieve. Only ones that are, are the CT201B and CT101B. The “1” makes it a lefthanded model.®-Calcutta®-B-Round-Baitcast-Reels/product/63169/-1146436

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