Senator Reel

Senator Reel
penn oceanmaster fishing rod?

i have a penn ocean master 7ft rod and it has a 4/0 senator on it. im trying to find info on the rod and having trouble finding any. i got the rod at the pawnshop and i know what the reel is worth but i was curious about the rod and if i should get another one or just some reviews on it or somethin
it says penn ocean master on it. no other specs or model number nothing. its 7 ft its for a larger reel like 4/0 or penn gti or whatever you wanna put on it. its not a surf rod and its not for a spinning reel
it says omc 721m 7′
15 to 40 lb line
its not a bass proshop rod its a penn. its not in the bass proshop website either

Bass Pro Shops!!!

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