Rod Pole Combos

Rod Pole Combos
Fishing Pole Questions?

I don’t know much about fishing poles, but I need to get one. I was looking online at some local stores and found one called a “Shakespeare Synergy Ultimate Rod / Reel Fishing Combo” from

Is it a good rod for the price? What types of fish can it catch? And what else do you recommend?

Heres the link to the page at .com:
PS: I’m looking to catch bass or bluegill near Sacramento, California.
What’s the difference between the one listed above and this one? Is this one better?

This one here is an “underspin” rod. What does that mean?

For the price it is pretty good also Shimano has pretty good combos but for about double the price Penn offers combos with good drags take all day and play with some one who has many rods and reels and get what you feel comfortable with it may change over time and experience.For really simple operation the Zebco 33 classic is pretty good and my wife caught lots of fish with it from bass to perch to drum and red fish. I had mounted a 8.5 lb red fish caught on a Zebco 33 classic and my wife had a 5 lb. bass mounted she caught with a Zebco 33 classic, I caught my fish on a small beatle spin and she caught hers on a rattle trap.

ZEBCO 33 Spincast Combo Fishing Pole