Line Saltwater Reel

Line Saltwater Reel
Saltwater Fly fishing rods and reels.?

Can somebody tell me the best Saltwater fly fishing outfit. And the best line, backing, and tippets for saltwater. And once I get all this can I use the same stuff for freshwater fishing? Or should I change the line out? Or what? Thanks!!!!!!
I fish for Redfish, Pompano, Jack Crevel, Flounder, and lots more. I might want a 10 weight rod? Or will a 9 weight do it’s job? I am trying to stay under $250. That’s why I go for outfit’s they cost less, and most the time they work just as well.
what type of tapered line should I get, If the outfit doesn’t come with good enough line?

Firstly no i dont recommend that you use the same fly rod for fresh as for salt because of the fact for fresh water they are generally allot lighter also i would recommend a 9wt rod for saltwater for playing fish such as bone fish, saltwater reels have to be large arbor design and able to hold allot of fly line and a good 100yds of backing in fact the more the better for playing big fish, for rods for saltwater i use sage, when it comes to reels i any make will do and as for fly line you cant go far wrong with this

Any tippet material will do so long as its over 10lb i like florocarbon for this especially sightfree g3. You dont need any fancy tapers for saltwater fly fishing a simple weight forward will do

sears reel very strong.MP4