Fishing Gear Reel Saltwater

Fishing Gear Reel Saltwater
Helpful advice on whether to buy old penn rods/reels?

I see many all the time on craigslist, at yard sales…etc I have looked them up and old penn reels and rods are said to be of the best, but what do i look for when buying an older rod/reel? Will older Penn’s still be able to catch saltwater fish like striper? Just don’t know much about buying older fishing gear, if you can help , i’d appreciate it.

“GMB” is correct.

A good idea is to search for a “specific model” that you know has a good reputation, (and an availability of spare parts). Typically, older Penn reels need an overhaul on their drag system- which, actually, can be fairly cheap.

Many reels from the 60’s-80’s had much stronger gearing and (compared to reels of today) CAN be of excellent quality. Sometimes thick aluminum & metal blows away “technology” and “bells & whistles”.

You’ll be amazed when you compare the basic quality of a Squidder or Levelmatic over a chinese-made Penn reel of today…………Theoretically, you could pick up a nice used example of either for around $75-$80- to get the same quality in a chinese-based “new” reel you’d have to spend close to $200.

Anywho, if you do a little research on-line, the next time you see a bargain reel, you’ll know if it’s a REAL bargain or not.