Tackle Rod Pole Combos

Okay Fishermen and women I need help?

Okay, My husband loves to fish we met and lived and Florida, he introduced me to fishing and I fell completely in love. He used to be a commercial fisherman and we joke that he could catch fish in a mud puddle. Here’s the thing because of a family crisis we had to leave FL and are now in GA (nowhere close to the saltwater). There are large ponds and lakes nearby and I want to surprise him with everything rod and real combo tackle box tackle and maybe even bait?? IDK. Okay honestly my budget is pretty limited. I went to walmart.com. But I really don’t know what I what I’m doing and I don’t want to get him something that is going to break the first time he uses it. Is that possible on my budget? Okay this is a surprise but I’ve manged to get him to tell me “open faced reel and 6′ pole” Please help and Thank you for your time.

Every fisherman needs the”Pocket Fisherman”


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