Shimano Japan

Shimano Japan
Want more info re: older single speed bicycle ( Phoenix brand) ,Made in China



The brand name is Phoenix .. I’ve never heard of it, but the seller said Phoenix is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.

I’d like to know more about China brand bikes –

How do they compare (in terms of quality, maintenance,) with an older U.S. made Schwinn, or a single speed bike from Japan or England?, or with newer Schwinn ( and others) that are now made in China?

I’m interested in any comments, point of views, trivia, etc. Thanks

Well, the seller is close but slightly misinformed.

Once upon a time there were 2 bicycle factories in China. One was known by the name of Dragon, and one called Phoenix. These two companies were very small but had a lot of potential, but neither had the ability to breakout into the major world markets.

So, Phoenix and Dragon began discussing what would happen if they combined their two companies and become one.

The Phoenix was very excited with this prospect because it was born to be reborn into something greater than itself while the grumpy Dragon mulled what he might lose if he worked with Phoenix. This went on for many years until a giant thought to talk with Phoenix and Dragon. Well, as legend has it, the giant finally got the Dragon to agree, but the conditions of this the giant required his name be placed in the name of the company and the dragon insisted that his name be kept as well. The Phoenix, not wanting to look weak, also insisted on this.

So, the companies, although brought together by the Giant, remained separate but equal entities as they remain today… Giant Phoenix and Giant Dragon.

China is now the number one supplier of bicycles and components in the world and have state of the art facilities. Hardly a bike in this world can escape having at least a few Chinese made parts on it.

Regarding the Phoenix brand bike, well, it is old school and reminiscent of an late 50s/early 60s Raleigh. These are still a common sight in China and Taiwan and India and tend to last forever but are not particularly desirable from a collectors or riders standpoint. You can find these in Taiwan for under US$10 in good used condition.

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