Saltwater Lure Reel

Saltwater Lure Reel
Saltwater fishing with lures, first time user questions?

Im not that big of a fisherman, Im more of a hunter. But from time to time I like to try the water. Right Now im the mood to fish and eat some fish especially since lent is coming up. I live in SouthTexas (CorpusChristi area) and my fishing license is going to run out and ive only used it once so I want to get my money’s worth. Now I always use dead shrimp or a cut bait to fish. A coworker of mine gave me some DOA Shrimp Lures a while back and now I want to try them for fun along with my usual bait. I never have used any type of lures, just have seen people use them. So I have a few beginner questions.
1 Do I need a particular leader? How do I go about with the getting them on my line?
2 How about weights, ive noticed there is a small one inside the lure my usually 6-8oz weights are to heavy right? I did find some 3/8oz size 7 sinkers in my dads old tackle, are they any use?
3 Any tips on casting and reeling?
I have read using lures is difficult should I even bother trying?

DOA Shrimp can and will work. Here are some tips for using them-

1. You have 2 basic ways to rig a DOA Shrimp- Either tied directly to your leader OR tied under a “Popping Cork” rig. Both can be effective.

Here’s an example of a popping cork-

Make a popping sound using the cork and pause a few seconds, (pause around 10 to 15 secs), and repeat. Your leader should be about 3-4 FT long.

When the Shrimp is tied directly to your leader, ( a 20LB leader is usually plenty), try a variety of retrieves such as a “jerking motion” or a “slow swimming motion”. One of these should work. Try to hit bottom frequently…….

When using a DOA Shrimp I ALWAYS dose it with a good saltwater fish attractant- in fact MOST saltwater lures can only be improved by putting some shrimp or pogy/menhaden oil on them. (Makes the fish hold onto your lure long enough for you to feel them.)

Here’s an example of a good attractant, (Walmart/Kmart carry’s aerosol sprays called “Scents of the Sea” that work wonders for “plastic smelling/tasting” lures)-

When using lures don’t just cast in one spot- move around. Try casting an area for approx 10-12 casts then move 10-20 yards down the shore. Try to cover as much water as possible until you find a concentration of fish. (Making sure to dose your DOA every 6-8 casts)

Although DOA’s do work I’ve had more luck with Berkley Saltwater Gulp products-

Hope this helps ya? Good luck.

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