Saltwater Conventional

Saltwater Conventional
I want to buy a good conventional reel and strong saltwater rod but people say you must spend a lot of money?

I have people telling me that the only way im going to have a good saltwater offshore fishing combo thats going to last is by spending 200+ on a reel and 150+ on a rod. i dont have this kind of money to be spending but im getting serious about fishing.

You could get a Penn 500 Jigmaster combo between $85-$100 on sale. Penn 500 is a time proven reel which is very popular. Parts are readily available and it could handle most saltwater species that aren’t overly big. The rod of the combo isn’t that great but it is suitable for many types of fishing. It is inexpensive but it will get the job done. This combo is very popular with charter boats; when it comes to rental rods and reels, this is probably their number one choice.

If you want something bigger, you could get yourself a Penn 4/0 combo (another popular charter boat rental combo) between $110-$130 if you look hard enough. This combo will handle bigger saltwater species better than the Penn 500 and this combo is also more suitable for trolling. Like Penn 500, Penn 4/0 is also a time proven reel with readily available parts.

If you want to buy rods and reels separately, reels like Daiwa Sealine series, Shimano TLD (both star drag and lever drag modles), and Daiwa Saltist are all nice reels to consider. You could get a decent saltwater rod between $80-$120 (or lower during major sales).

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