Ocean City Fishing Reel

Ocean City Fishing Reel
ultralite tackle billfishing?

this year im going to try to catch at least 1 white and blue marlin and a sailfish on 4lb test off of ocean city md. the reel i will be using is a avet sx with momoi’s mi-catch I.G.F.A. nylon monofilament line. what would be a good rod that is/nt stiff enough where it would break the line but not flimsy enough that i couldn’t pull the fish.

Actually, in my understanding you don’t really pull on a fish if you’re fishing 4 pound test for billfish. You manage to hook the fish, then the boat driver follows the fish until you get close enough for the deckhand to grab the heavy leader and handline the fish to the boat. All the so-called “fisherman” does is take up the slack as the boat chases the fish. The reason being that the water resistance resulting from even a hundred feet of light line being pulled through the water is enough to break the line, so you have to keep as little line in the water as possible. (This is possible because billfish tend to stay near the surface.) If you try to pull on the fish, even a few additional ounces of stress may be enough to break the line.

As to the answer of your question, go with a long, wimpy rod to minimize the chance you’ll give a sudden jerk which might break the line.

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