Fishing Tackle Rod Combos

Fishing Tackle Rod Combos
Fishing. Ideas for a good quality trout rod + reel combo.?

looking to “up” my fishing tackle. I tired of the walmart style fishing rods/reel/and equipment. anyone have some good suggestions for a light action trout rod/reel combo. under $100 or so. thanks.

websites preferred.

I bought an Abu Garcia 276Ui spincast reel and a light action Berkley Amp spinning rod and very happy with this. I originally got it for crappie fishing but took it trout fishing and it handled great and did not break the bank total was about $70. At first I felt odd using a spincast reel for the first time since I was a kid but it make for a relaxing, lazy ,no hassle day of fishing in a creek. I have even hooked a couple of small mouth with it and was able to play them with no problem.

Fishing Rod Combos Selecting the right rod and Reel Can Make