Daiwa Salt Water Reel

are any of daiwas rods 2 piece?

Daiwa reels consist of many more than just two pieces. Both salt and fresh water.
When you take your reel apart and put it back together, make sure you have no parts left over.
You wouldn’t perhaps be wondering about daiwa RODS would you? Just be careful your one piece doesn’t come back as a two piece.
Good luck on your fishing trip.

thanks to grand master basser for that…lol

just wondering, going to be taking one on a trip. and where can i get a case for them? for about a 6-8 foot rod?

You’re welcome.
l had an idea you really meant rods, becoming a smartazz comes easy here after a while. Sorry.
And adjustable rod cases are available at most sporting goods stores or you can use just a long, capped piece of PVC available at any hardware or garden store.
Again, catch some good ol’ bigguns.

P.S. … Did l get best answer for that other one?

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