Casting Lures Gear

Casting Lures Gear
can someone plzzz give me info about my baitcaster?

I just bought a Shakespeare low- profile reel. It has a 6:3:1 gear ratio and a 4 bearing system. Is that good or bad? I mainly fish for bluegills, bass, and about 15 lb catfish. Also, what kind of rod should I buy? does the rod effect my performance? And 1 more thing, how do I cast light lures with my baitcaster without getting birdnests? plz answer as many of my questions as you can. Thanx alot every1

Congrats on your new bait casting reel! 4 ball bearings will offer you very good performance. As a general rule, anything 3 ball bearings and over is good.

You bought a high speed/retrieve reel. A gear ratio of 6.3:1, simply means that when you rotate your reel handle once, you just retrieved 6.3 times as much line.

So keep this in mind. If you are working jigs & want to do so slowly, you will need to be aware of your ratio. If you are quickly burning spinner baits, this reel will do great.

A high gear ratio also helps save time when reeling in line to re-cast. In summary, it’s better to have a high gear ratio like you have, as you can always fish slower – but if you had a low gear ratio reel, you would need to work much harder to reel in fast.

Hopefully, your reel has instant anti-reverse. What this means is, when you are reeling forward, you should be able to stop & if you tried to reel backwards at that point, there would be no play.

Instant anti reverse means your reel will not get “shocked” each time you set the hook – thus your gears will stay in alignment & your reel will last much longer!

As for rods, yes they do effect performance. In your case, because you are fishing for such a diverse range of fish, from small pan fish to larger catfish & bass, best to go with a medium action, 6 1/2 foot rod.

There are many good brands out there, but find one in your price range & be sure it’s a graphite rod with a cork handle. This will ensure you get a light, strong, but sensitive rod – good for most situations.

Casting light lures is not impossible, be can be difficult, especially for beginners. To make things easier for you, spool up with heavy line, such as 20 lb test. You can always add a light leader line to end of it, such as 4 or 6 lb test if you are fishing for pan fish.

You want your main spool to be of heavier line as this will help you cast & help prevent birds nests. The other thing which will help you is to add an in-line sinker – or some split shots above your light lure. This will give you more weight & allow you to cast much better, again, avoiding birds nests.

I must say there are so many great articles on the thundermist fishing tips web site, which include a lot of tips on bait casting reels, line, birds nest, rods etc. I have noted just some of them below for you and am sure you will find them very informative & helpful.

Good luck with your new bait caster & all the best on the water.

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