Shimano Sahara

Shimano Sahara
Which do you think is better? Shimano Sahara vs. Wright Mcgill Sabalos?

Trying to decide between Shimano Sahara spinning reel vs Wright Mcgill Sabalos Spinnning reel. Probably 2500 either way and used on a medium 7′ rod for mostly redfish. What do you think or do you have any other suggestions?
I know shimano’s a nice brand, a friend of mines dad is a charter fisher and i use all their shimano stuff so i know their good. I was just wondering if anyone had been able to use the wright mcgill yet? Trying to just see different things. Also as far as penn ive heard lately with their mostly chinese made stuff theyve kind of gone down hill. not my opinion but just what ive heard.

If you can check them out side by side. Go and do that and pick the one you like better. They both sound like good reels. Wright & McGill is just Eagle Claw but… their products are much better than what they done as Eagle Claw. I understand that their customer service is great as well.

As for Penn that you mention in your additional details… they are getting the same reels from a place that does reels for Pflueger. Take a close look at the Penn Sargus and the Pflueger President they look very similar. The difference is Penn has the company use different internal parts. I cannot remember the name of the company …I was told a few times the name of the company that produces the reels for Penn and Pflueger. Other Pflueger reels really do resemble that Penn Sargus as well.

Shimano Sahara 3000FD