Shimano Ii Speed

Shimano Ii Speed
Mountain Bikers/Cyclists. $300 Novara Ponderose FSL? Should I get it? REAR SHOCK HELP?

REI is selling a $300 Novara Ponderosa FSL with an upgraded crankset that was $300.


Frame: AN6 FS Aluminum Fork: Manitou Black Elite With SPV

Crankset: Shimano XT HollowTech II

Drivetrain: Shimano Deore XT Highlights: Avid Disc Brakes; WTB
Speed Disc Wheels; Shimano M959 Clipless Pedals

It seems like a great deal for a full suspension. I was also thinking of upgrading the rear shock. Do you know what kind I should get?

If the bike fits you, then by all means get it. The components alone cost more than what they are selling it at. If I am correct, this bike was above $1000. I believe this a discontinued model from a few years back.
Here are the qualifications to the above: the bike is a cross-country, general purpose trail bike. If you are heading for mountain ski trails or other such extreme venues, then you could overwhelm this bike. But for general purpose off road riding, it should be great.
As for the rear, I’d ride the bike for awhile first. If you still don’t like it, then go with a Fox Float. For the fork, I’d check out a 32 F-series Fox 100mm travel fork. Nothing but good things heard about Fox.

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