Quantum Spinning Reel

Quantum Spinning Reel
which reel would you choose?

abu garcia soron stx, pflueger president, or quantum energy spinning reel. im trying to figure out what reel would be best for me. i only fish in freshwater, and i fish for large mouth and walleye. please tell me what reel would you think would be best for me and why.
im not a beginier

These are all good fishing reels and will easily handle the fish you mentioned. Let’s be honest here, which one did you feel comfortable with when it was mounted on the rod? We can sit here and tell you our opinion but the end result comes down to what feels good to you. A lot of people make this mistake when buying fishing gear, asking around “what’s the best for me?” and what not, only to find it didn’t suite them very well. I end up buying it on Ebay for a lot less than it was payed for. That’s my take on it.~good luck catchin’

quantum ENERGY pti.40 spinning reel.MP4