Penn Salt Water Fishing

Penn Salt Water Fishing
Filters for small fish tanks/bowls?

I don’t actually have fish, but I have two 1 L bowls (one with fresh water and one with salt water) in my land hermit crab tank. At the moment I have one Penn-Plax Smallworld filter submerged in each of the two bowls to filter the water so that I do not need to keep replacing the water everyday. I’m not sure if the Smallworld filters are the best filters out there since they need periodic replacement, so are there alternatives that can do an even better job without having to be replaced periodically? Money is not an issue.
My hermit crabs don’t spend much time in the water nor poop in it, so I suppose the filters will last longer than those used for fish.

I use the Penn-Plax filter. Its really effective.

George Poveromo hand cranks a daytime swordfish.