Shimano Drag Conventional

Shimano Drag Conventional
What would it take to catch world record Hammerhead Shark that would weigh over 1280 pounds?

Im thinking of a Avet 50 wide with 57 pounds of drag, spooled with about 1000 yards of 130 pound test Suffix Low-Vis Green with 510 pound swivels crimped with a industrial crimper onto 500 pound test 49 strand cable the crimped with a industrial crimper to a 12/0 hook (crimps are double sleeves) this will be put on a Shimano Terez Conventional Rod rated for 80 to 200 pound test line. Dont worry about the cost this is a investment catching the World Record Hammerhead Shark for even a milisecond is my lifes dream. Also I intend to open up a Charter Company(not sure about the name yet but do have a boat lined up for purchase)

Your gear will do.
Now let’s get your bait picked out.
At Bahia Honda, 15-17 foot Hammie’s are known for attacking just caught tarpon.
The Tarpon run through the Bahia Honda channel to breed and the Hammies feed on them.
So use tarpon for Hammie bait.

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