Mitchell Salt Water

Mitchell Salt Water
what is the best fishing line?

i fish salt and freshwater,i use a mitchell 300ex or xe whichever,anyways its a versatile fishin reel and my rod is a medium light action shakespeare ugly stik.i use14lb cajun line and its the strongest line ive used but my problem is that it is very visible in the water so i would like to know what is as strong as crap and has little or no visibility?whach yall got?

I personally don’t like the Cajun line, it seems a bit stiff to me. The best over all line you can get in my opinion is monofilament. You can fish any bait in any condition if necessary whereas braid and fluoro won’t do well in all condtions. I stick to Stren and Trilene myself.

Fluorocarbon line has low visibilty but it’s not quite as strong as the mono when it comes to fishing cover. I’m not familiar with the 300ex reel but it seems like 14 pound line on it may be a bit too thick. Normally on a standard sized spinning reel you don’t want to go any thicker than 10 pound line. If I were you I’d go with Stren or Trilene 10 pound mono.

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