Casting Lures Gear Reel

Casting Lures Gear Reel
Distance casting gear?

I’m trying to fish a lake from shore, where the big fish are jumping farther out than my Zebco 404 combo can reach, even with some heavy sinkers, but I would really like my lure to be on the surface. I tried a seven foot Ugly Stik with an old spinning reel and 10 pound braided line, but I still can’t get out there. I’m about 25 to 50 yards short of my destination. Any suggestions, other than using a boat?

You’ve not given an idea how far you’re casting now? or how far in total you wish to cast.
As for your Spin combo, the 7-foot Rod won’t get you very far. A 10-lb line test powerpro high-performance Spectra equivalent to a 2-lb mono dia., and a spiderwire 6-lb, 1-lb mono dia., leader at least 2-feet. This rig will shoot you most likely another 10-15 yds and possibly more with the wind on your side, this creates less turbulence. Since you’re fishing with a Zebco and also using a Spin combo, would it be fair to say you’re not knowledgeable enough to use a casting Reel?. You will get more distance with a casting Reel then a Spinner. Many people have trouble with backlash on a casting reel and in turn switch to a Spinning Reel. The problem with a Spinning Reel and distance casting is how the line comes off the Reel spiraling, than choked by the butt guide if not properly placed, a common problem with non custom built rods. A Conventional or Baitcasting Reel, the line is shot out straight from side to side and less friction is created furthering the distance.

I took the liberty of picking a Rod for you, something I never do. In my opinion from your question and detail of experience I feel this Rod will suit you very well and is reasonable in price.
Shimano Salmon/steelhead casting Rod; CVCL106M2A . At tackle direct see under source it retails for $69.99 a 2-piece Rod 10.6 foot slow action. Reason I picked a slow action, because it’s easier to correct if an error was made when casting.

As for the Reel you can try out the Daiwa Millionaire classic series Reel. That Reel will keep you at or below $60.00
Newell Reels are also excellent for casting, another recommendation is to get yourself books on power cast.
Power surfcasting by Ron Arra, surf fishing and distance casting by Mike Laptew. With a good amount of homework and proper outfit you too can cast 450-600 feet or more with a 10.6 – 11 foot Rod.

I agree with Wormist on the Penn squidder. Except that if your thumb isn’t trained you will have to practice to control the spool speed.
Another factor in distance casting is to not use heavy lube as this will cut your distance, more is not better when it comes to lube and your Reel.

spock69’s answer is unconventional but it works well as I’ve used this method with great success, just make sure you use a Rod and Reel and no hand line with this rig. You’ll also have to know how to rig it up plus the Reel in use will need enough line capacity.

Best of luck.

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