Shimano Reel Spinning

Shimano Reel Spinning
I’m looking at getting into pike fishing and I’m looking for a good all round pike rod and reel. Suggestions?

I was going to go for a shimano baitrunner dl 6000 ra but i’m confused whether it holds enough line or should I get the dl 10000 ra? I plan on lake and river fishing- mix between dead baits and lures. Can I spin using the baitrunner reel?

I do a lot of trolling for trout and often catch pike which we kill up here in scotland.

I would think that reel is more than sufficient, ive found that the part with always breaks or weaken first is the drag mechanism on all reels ive had.

Its designed for spinning and bait.

300yards should be more than enough If you plan on using 10lb line

“Diecast Drive Gear backed by three Shielded Stainless Steel bearings plus a roller bearing.” sounds a lot better than any reel ive used,
And ive caught pike that have been far to big to land in net or even safe to land in boat. Had to build a sort of v out of stones and dragged it up with a gaff before we could kill it.

Rod depends on if u fish from bank or boat.

I only use shimano rods as many a trout have snapped other brands

If u plan to fish from bank or both i would say go for a 8ft or even 9 ft,
you want to be looking at the casting weight too.

For example, I use a shimano spinning1707 , casting weight is 7-25 grams so mine is a bit light for casting large dead bait.

U might want one that’s more in the 17-35 range but if you use a light spinner your not going to get a good distance.

I buy one of those reels if i had the spare cash.

If you have a bit of spare cash say £150 id go for the shimano super ultegra range for the rod.

Simply because i bought a super ultegra fly rod and its the only trout rod the beast havent snapped.

Landed a 12lb semi wild rainbow(escaped when small from farm) and it never snapped though we almost tipped the boat, lol

only rod that hasn’t snapped with a big one

Really depends on how big the pike are