Shimano Pack

Shimano Pack
Who is the BEST Electric Bike Supplier?

We are a professional Bike Shop with locations in California, New York, total: 13 chain stores and partners. We require e-bikes Electric Bikes, both Mountain and City E-bike versions with both 24V 10Ah or 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery packs Only, they also must feature a locking device, and the electric bikes must also be high quality products, must be a professional supplier for replacement parts as-well.
We require the best specifications higher mileage electric bikes at least 45km on pure electric mode and 65km pedaling assist mode.
then what currently is being sold in the market.

Please do not contact us with your Wal-Mart quality products, we want high quality goods only please. We seek Shimano parts, Aluminum alloy parts also.

thank you

I would suggest MR CANADA IMPORTS –, they are a distributor and wholesaler of brand name model electric e-bikes, Mountain Electric Cycle, Folding Electric Bike, and city e-bike versions, including a popular model for use is the stb-mountain bike “Series E03, E01, F02 older clients” < very good seller for us. No matter if your located in USA or CANADA or UK, i would contact these guys, these models are unlike regular store brand electric bikes, as you will see when you see them, they feature 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery as you requested and much more.. The Emode time is the best on the market, highest electric mileage then any other model currently sold. These have helped our sales for this coming season since we have sold-out all our first stock via pre-orders. If i was you i would order some samples now, display in your store and base your orders on the demand of that model. good luck on your ventures.. you might want to provide free replacement tires with each purchase to obtain those sales, this is what we offer with the puncture resistant K-shield tires in 3 of our stores, and the response has been very good 🙂 the wait time including delivery for us was an average of 45 days for 460 units. contact: Jon Steveson, jon.steveson@mrcanadaimportsDOTcom if you require good service, these are the guys to contact, and come Christmas you'll really enjoy their services and free gifts 🙂 please tell jon, you spoke with me about their products, and your a close business partner of mine. He will do the rest. good luck again, RIDE HARD!!! WELL NOT REALLY ITS ELECTRIC! lol