Shimano Bait Reel

Shimano Bait Reel
Okuma Avenger Bait-Feeder?

I’m taking a liking to this Okuma Avenger bait-feeder reel. Has a nice line capacity (not a huge shark sized one but the perfect size for the carp/cats i catch), good reviews, and cost $49! That’s 1/3 of a Shimano Bait-Runner. Sure it’s not going to be as smooth or dependable as the Shimano but I think it will get the job done.

I also prefer spinning reels over any other type for carp fishing. Also with it having a bait-feeder option, it was made for carp/cats!

Probably will pair it up with an Ugly Stick, 7′ medium action if I can find one.

the reel also has a 4.7 rating on Cabela’s website! You can’t get much better!

so does anyone else have this reel?

I purchased an Okuma Epixor once, (not the Bait-feeder version). This one-

It was a solid reel- smooth- good distance casting-the whole 9 yards.

The problem?

After about 3 months of heavy fishing the bail spring got worn and it would not close automatically-OR WORSE, the bail would trip just before your cast launching & losing your lure.

After losing lures because of premature bail trip I vowed to NEVER purchase another spinning reel that didn’t have a “sure-click” on the bail wire.

Pflueger & Shimano are the only company’s providing a sure-click system, (although Daiwa has something similar).

I don’t know what the bait-feeder reel will be like……

When you go to purchase it stick it on a rod and do some false casting in the store. If the bail wire trips on a power cast save your money for a Shimano. …….

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