Lever Drag Reel

Lever Drag Reel
I can’t locate the anti reverse lever on my Pflueger Contender saltwater fishing rod?

My handle will turn counter clockwise as well as clock wise, while i wish it would only turn clockwise. This has nothing to do with the drag as i dont even have fishing line on it. My freshwater rod and reel has a switch under the reel whch alows me to stop it from turning both ways. However this rod/reel has no such switch can anyone help me out? Thanks

By the way the anti reverse lever is item 6 in the following diagram http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e7/Fishing_reel.svg/698px-Fishing_reel.svg.png

That reel don’t have a lever/switch to engage or disengage the anti-reverse. The lever/switch was eliminated so sand and dust won’t get inside the reel as easily. There’re also less moving parts to break.

PS: Old timers must crank their handle backwards to fight the fish because old reels don’t have drags. Most of us don’t crank reel handles backwards to fight fish anymore. The anti-reverse lever on a spinning reel isn’t a necessary item anymore.

Setting the drag on a lever drag reel