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Shakespeare Rod reels combos from walmart any good for first timer?

well actually I’ve fished before but its been so long that I have to say first timer. lol

I saw a rod reel combo from Shakespeare at walmart for around $20USD. I want to shoreline fish so by now no fresh water or boat fishing just shoreline and peers.
specs are IIRC, 12-25lbs line, 7 feet tall.

I went to bass pro shop and saw a $35 Daiwa® D-Wave™ Saltwater Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. it looked thick and not so wiggly at the tip.

this will be an occasional use item. so in your opinion and please give some info why is a best buy. the Shakespeare or the Daiwa?

any feedback is well appreciated.


Combos can be a good way to get sorted for a particular style of fishing. All the matching is done for you. Shakespeare is a good company but $20 won’t get much. That rod is a light spinning rod, OK but a bit too light for safety if you hook a decent sized fish.
There are heavier rods in the range which would be better.

Daiwa is also good and has an excellent track record and company philosophy.
Either of those brands is a good choice. I use both as many others do.
That $35 Daiwa is good. It will handle heavier fish. It’s a medium/heavy spinning rod that will do well for pier and boat fishing as well as freshwater fishing for carp and bass.
Most rock and pier fishing is done with medium or heavy spinning rods of 7-8 feet using a fixed spool reel loaded with 12-15 lb line. 20lb+ is better if there is long weed around the rocks.
Spinning rods are good casters and good general purpose rods. I’ve used a Shakespeare 8-foot medium spinning rod for pier fishing for many years and it’ll last a long time yet.
In practice almost anything can be used that will hold a line……you’ll still get fish.
For shoreline fishing you need a longer rod. A beach caster of 11-12 feet is normal with a big fixed spool reel that can hold 200-300 yards of 25lb line, or use a center pin reel which is harder to handle.

More on here for sea fishing from rocks and piers…very long answer with safety first.
Always stay safe. The sea is a good friend and a terrible enemy.
http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ArkcI8QJ6BC0g7NDBxByP9whBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20101030132654AARN34t&show=7#profile-info-jGYnLp1kaa . . . . . .

Enjoy the fishing. We live off the sea around here. Free food….and fun.

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