Casting Fishing Lures

Casting Fishing Lures
Hi guys. I’m planning to get a basic bait-casting fishing kit for my boyfriend. List of items i should get?

-only confined to saltwater fishing
– i already bought a husky jerk rapala lure. just need to add to that.
-Go easy on the item brands yeah, I’m pretty low on cash hehe

I know that it’s a lame answer but in all honesty he will get more good out of a gift certificate to a local tackle store or an online tackle dealer such as Bass Pro Shops or Gander Mountain. That way he can get what he really wants or needs. My kids used to buy me lures when they were little. Yeah, they were special because they came from my kids but they were never anything that I could actually use. Buy him a pretty pink lure so he knows that it came from you and hang a gift certificate on one of the hooks. He’ll love it.

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