Shimano 2500f Reel

Shimano 2500f Reel
Help with a fishing rod question?

I’m new to fishing and i’m thinking on buying a new fishing rod and reel. i found a great one but i want to know if it’s good. I also want to know how heavy of a fish i can catch without it breaking. THANKS!

Heres the name: Shimano Zyclo 2500F 6’6″ Medium Spinning Combo

here’s a link to dicks sporting goods:

The link says nothing about lure or line weight ratings. Only it’s a medium action.

For $50, it’s not bad since you’re “new to fishing”. No point in starting off with good quality if you’re not sure about it, right? In my own personal opinion, $50 for a rod and reel combination is CRAP. Personally, I would be very, very unhappy with it. I would much rather have an Ugly Stik outfit, but that’s just me though.

I don’t understand why people ask how heavy of a fish you catch with a certain rod and reel… you’re not lifting the damn thing straight up out of the water, you have to fight it, play it, tire it out in order to land it. You can pretty much land any size fish on pretty much any rod and reel. I’m NOT saying you’ll be able to land a thousand pound blue marlin on it (that’s just inconceivable), but you should be able to easily handle an 8 or 10 pound bass (unless the reel’s drag decides to take a dump during).

Anyway… welcome to the world wide sport of fishing.

Shimano 2500f Carbon Fiber Reel Tested