Spinning Reel Saltwater

Spinning Reel Saltwater
saltwater fishing reels?

hey guys… im going down to the bahamas this christmas, and i want to buy a “universal” “SPINnING reel. i will be going after tarpon cudas, bones jacks, permit and all that sorta thing ive already bought 20 lb mono and i dont want the reel over 115$ thanks alot any answers are apreciated also links are preferable but anything… thnks

A good reel, Daiwa bg-60 a very good price for a saltwater reel, which will last a life time.
Now, you can use it to fish permit, jacks and cudas. As for bonefish I go with a smaller
reel, but you can still use the bg-60, specially if you get an extra spool, run small diameter line since bonefish have keen eyes. Small Tarpon will do fine with the bg-60, but a large Tarpon might be a problem. Not that the reel can’t take the punishment, but because it doesn’t hold enough line if the Tarpon decides to make a run for it, which it will. Of course you can keep your mono for leader and buy yourself power pro line and gain more line yds. I like to mention the line roller on bg-60 is capable of handling power pro line.

A Daiwa black gold series 60 will set you back $89.95 An extra spool will cost you around $24.00
Ebay at time has good deals with very little use on the reel.
On my spinning reels I carry at least 2 extra spools with different size line and brand.
I also do this for my Newell reels, etc.

Picking a saltwater spinning reel